From the Length and Width to the Transparent Board

MiCROTEC has developed intelligent and high performance systems for every single step in the industrial wood working process, which give an important contribution to increasing the added value in terms of quantity and quality.

Whether it is a matter of measuring the size of the board, its strength (E-modulus) or producing an image of the transparent board with all its quality features and faults, MiCROTEC has the solution ready.




MiCROTEC offers the following systems for measuring sawn wood and subsequent processes:



BMI Products System Modules Logwood Sawn Wood Processing
BOARDSCAN High performance measuring of the lumber thickness, length and width

IDiSCAN Traces individual boards and workpieces through the entire production process

WANESCAN The full profile wane scanner also recognizes the shape and position of slabs and sideboards

QSCAN Recognizes quality features and defects that affect the value of boards

ViSCAN Optical vibration measurement for establishing the strength of boards (E-module) and characterizes MSR lumber

GOLDENEYE Detects defects, knots, wane and splits, measures dimensions and determines strength of MSR lumber

VARiOSORT Controls automatic sorting and packaging of boards and lumber