BMI News


August 5, 2005:



Our President, Sandy Mullin, is featured in the July/August edition of Duke Magazine!!!

Click the picture on the left to see the cover and article!




July 27, 2005:

BMI hits Las Vegas for the inaugural AWFS Fair, Las Vegas.  We will be at booth 1298, and would love to see all of our friends and partners there!


July 1, 2005:

BMI has been awarded our THIRD grant from the National Science Foundation for the development of scanning technology!


May 15, 2005:

BMI is developing a new line of scanners based on our award-winning CellScan platform.  The new CellScan and CellScan Profiler are being developed with the assistance of a grant from the National Science Foundation.  This grant has enabled us to bring to market a suite of products that utilize Barr-Mullin's latest, more intelligent optimization scanning software. 

BMI expects to have the new hardware and software in operation in showcased production facilities in Russia, British Columbia, Canada and Ontario, Canada within three months!