Barr-Mullin, Inc. - Pioneers, Innovators, Industry Leaders

Barr-Mullin has been building state-of-the-art woodworking machinery since 1972 and are widely considered to be the experts of cut off optimization, gang rip optimization and automatic lumber scanning for cutting, ripping, and grading.

BMI’s in-house engineers are constantly upgrading its software; the systems are modular and upgradeable so customers never get left behind.

Barr-Mullin has had a long history of pushing the envelope in lumber optimizing technology from building the world’s first computerized cut-off saw (1972), to the world’s first gang rip optimizer (1986). In fact, Sandy Mullin is known throughout the industry as the “Edison of Optimizing”.

Barr-Mullin has won more Challengers Awards (the “Academy Award” for wood products machinery mfg’s) for excellence in woodworking technology than any other company AND was just bestowed the honor of receiving their 2nd National Science Foundation grant. The two N.S.F. Grants (totaling $600,000) are for optimization software development and automatic lumber scanning technology.







This video demonstrates how BMI's proprietary technology detects defects in lumber based on the customer's specifications