From the Diameter to the Transparent Log

MiCROTEC has developed intelligent, high performance systems for every single step in the industrial wood working process, which give an important contribution to increasing the added value in terms of quantityand quality.

Whether it is a matter of measuring the log diameter, calculating its net volume or producing an image of the transparent log with all its quality features and faults, MiCROTEC has the solution ready.



MiCROTEC offers the following systems for measuring log wood and subsequent processes:


iRAS Two-level angle scanner for measuring log wood in longitudinal feed

iRED (KEMES) Measures the exact log length, diameter and profile as well as the crook and sweep with its infrared parallel scanners

SCREENLOG Takes a photorealistic, three dimensional image of the log to unveil the log in detail

DiSHAPE Produces a realistic true shape 3D image of log

TOMOLOG Recognizes the quality of logs and roundwood including knots, metallic foreign objects and defects

WiNLOG Automates log and roundwood calibration, sorting and allocation in the industrial process

TiMBERTURN Intelligent system for optical and optimal log rotation

OPTiLINE Log carriage optimization software to maximize lumber recovery




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