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The Brute - Hood closed

The Brute - Hood Open

Pneumatic sorters

The Brute in a production line

The Brute - Drive Belt

The Brute - Hold-Down Roll

The Brute - Jam Detector

The Brute - Knurled Roll

CellScan, U-Turn Feeder, The Brute and Sorters

Compu-Rip - Infeed and Operator Station

Compu-Rip - Go-Fast Fence

Compu-Rip - Lasers

Compu-Rip - Sensors

Compu-Rip - Laser lines identify severe crook

Compu-Rip - Whole System

Compu-Rip - Optical Scanning Station

Compu-Rip - Operator

Compu-Rip - Boards Passing in the Gang!!!!

Compu-Rip - Crook-Buster Option

Board with Crook

Compu-Rip - Go-Fast Fence in Operation

GoldenEye Scanner

CellScan Profiler and CellScan Biological being installed

CellScan Profiler and CellScan Biological in design and manufacturing stage

CellScan Profiler and CellScan Biological being setup for delivery

Turbo Wonder Saw - Hood Up

Turbo Wonder Saw - View from infeed end

Turbo Wonder Saw - Hold-Down Rolls seen from the Saw end

Wonder Saw - Belt-driven optimizing chop saw

The Brute - Hold-Down and Knurled Rolls


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CellScan Technology The Brute Crook-Buster Scan through paper

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Short-block handling Compu-Rip Compu-Gauge Compu-Gauge Compu-Gauge CellScan on location