Rip Solutions made easy with the BMI Compu-Rip.

The Barr-Mullin Compu-Rip is the world's most widely used gang ripsaw optimizer. The Compu-Rip scans the board for width to determine the optimal cutting solution which is projected onto the board via overhead lasers. The operator can approve or modify the solution based on the physical characteristics of the board. Boards are then sent to the Compu-Rip's moveable fence and through the ripsaw. The Compu-Rip can be used with fixed blade or moveable blade gang ripsaws. The system is also available with a board ejector for crook or moisture.

Each Compu-Rip is controlled by a Pentium computer and is outfitted with a modem to facilitate easy connection with the BMI Service department. Your Compu-Rip can be serviced directly over the phone. The computer saves profiles of each board so that simulations can re run to optimize further cuttings.

CompuRip Specifications

CompuRip Video (33 Mb)