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MiCROTEC knows wood, the living raw material and its varieties, but also the technological possibilities for resolving problems connected with automated processing. MiCROTEC’s innovative solutions increase the performances in wood processing in terms of quantity and quality and are the expression of this skill. Therefore, in complex projects MiCROTEC is always the only contact for its customers.

The MiCROTEC systems optimise every single phase in the process of industrial wood working and contribute to significantly increasing the added value. That begins with measuring the log wood, then recognising faults on and in the board up to storage of the finished product.

At all times MiCROTEC sets out with only the best and most innovative technologies for measuring and recognition that are available on the market, such as video cameras, infrared and laser scanners and x-rays. With these high quality components MiCROTEC builds products and systems that stand out thanks to their precision and reliability and can be depended on to work in the most difficult climatic and environmental conditions.